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Three Hurrah’s for Germany, Part Four: Three Hurrah’s Indeed. Maybe Even a Huzzah!


Look at that sexy, sexy Germany. Mmm-mmm!

Now, there are a few states with majority German populations in places like Slovenia, Bohemia-Moravia and Hungary. German Unification will never be complete without these states under our control!  Slovenia is the first to fall – though I only take from them a single province, which has a 90% German-ethnic majority. As I wage war for Slovenian Istria, Italy decides to join the bandwagon and demand from Slovenia the province of Slovenian Istria.

Yeah, no. Germany takes Slovenian Istria in a week.

The island of Heligoland is, at the moment, owned by the United Kingdom, but the German Empire has a core claim on the island.

The United Kingdom wants the colony of Suez in exchange for the island. As much as I want Heligoland, I want to keep the Suez Canal for myself even more. I deny their request, and the United Kingdom fails to push the issue. Probably because of this:

Not only have I overcome both France and the United Kingdom and taken the #1 spot among Great Powers of the world, but the United Kingdom has fallen slightly behind France!

Still, you can’t count the Brits out entirely:

North America is looking a little strange, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

Damnable Socialists and their fancy red flags!

But that's okay; I won the World Fair. And invaded Egypt for some colonial land.

Isn't that pretty? Imperial expansionism is always hilarious, right?

Well. Maybe not.

In late 1866, I declare war against Hungary in order to gain the region of Transdanubia, a majority-German state. Hungary is allied with Italy, but my Ottoman and Polish allies should help mitigate this issue. Sadly, the Ottomans do not see the manifest glory of German Unification – they maintain neutrality in this war. It’s Germany vs. Italy!

Oh yeah, Poland and Hungary are in there somewhere, but who cares? This is my chance to smash another Great Power!

As you can see, the war goes well - if slowly. Germany occupies Rome, while the Danes and Poles aid Germany in the war.

 Poland has a bit of a unification streak itself – while I wasn’t looking, they stole Upper Silesia from Bohemia-Moravia, leaving B-M with only one state remaining – a majority-German state, at that. After this war, some down-time will be in order; the Infamy penalty of 22 that annexing a nation incurs is huge. Once you get over 24 or 25 Infamy, other countries will wreck your shit for being too violent. This is even more dangerous with the POP Demands Mod, as this can lead to a Great War of Containment – basically a WWI-style showdown between massive alliances. Not something I want to include myself in.

Well would you look at that!

Those are French armies, demanding the return of Elsaß-Lothringen. I suppose I should have seen something like this coming – it’s what I’d do. I quickly make some new alliances with Russia and some European minors, calling them to my aid. Germany may have beaten Italy, but the war isn’t over yet. Hundreds of thousands of troops are still deployed across Italy and Hungary. Russia certainly takes her sweet time getting into the war, but with their aid the war for Transdanubia is quickly settled. Now, it’s on to France!


I’m tempted to turn this into a war for French concessions – maybe I’ll take some African or Asian colonies – but Russia’s military is almost entirely built on mobilized reserves. They have very little real army to speak of. If all goes well, France will simply drown in Russian blood. I hope German troops can find some dry ground.

The inclusion of Russian reservists into the German war effort brings the French invasion to a screeching halt. As Russian men bleed at the end of French bayonets, the German army recovers. A few months later, Germany launches a counter-offensive, ending the developed stalemate and spilling into Nancy, then the rest of Franche-Comté. The war ends in a White Peace. I don’t want the Infamy that comes with a continuation and escalation of the war, even if I am firmly trouncing the baguette-loving pansies.

After decades of German control and a government-endorsed immigration program, the Colony of Suez has been given statehood. The state has long since contained a sizeable German minority. It seemed only right and fair. To celebrate the new State of Suez, government officials begin the first drafts of the Suez Canal project!

Quick! What’s going on around the world?

Good question, me! (again)

Europe. Note the silly lettering for Germany. I need to annex Bohemia-Moravia and fix that issue.

North Africa

South Africa

The Middle East and India

Far East Asia

South America

And the ever-wacky North America. It seems to be normalizing; the USA got California back, at the very least. Canada gained peaceful independence - retaining the Oregon Territory - while the United Kingdom held on to Newfoundland and Alaska.

Hold on a second.

That looks better. Only one majority-German region remains; Friesland.

Friesland belongs to the Dutch, but each province in the region has a large German majority – in the case of Arnhem, 56% are North German, while another 29% are South German. the other provinces of Friesland are much the same.

Next Time: Friesland and Heligoland – a complete and total Germany!

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Three Hurrah’s For Germany, Part Three: The First Hurrah!


 Hamburg, Bremen, Saxony and Oldenburg all follow Nassau in willingly integrating themselves with Prussia, hoping to form Greater Germany (The First Hurrah!). Pan-Nationalists rise again and again across German Europe. The truce between Prussia and Austria-Hungary comes to an end. I could, through military might, subsume the state of Austria, but as I must wait another four years for State & Government, I am in no hurry to Sphere or annex Austria. I have no intention of fighting all of France without first forming at least the North German Federation beforehand.

So I wait.

And then this happens:

!!FUN!! times for all!

If Prussia falls to the Jacobin menace, our great Kingdom will be set back a decade of work. Austria-Hungary will not fare much better. By August of 1848, the Jacobin threat has occupied most of the country and marches on Berlin. The last, tattered remnants of the Prussian military makes its stand there, facing down their own brothers in battle. The game keeps track of which movements and factions your citizens support, including soldiers. Almost half of my army defected to the Jacobin menace and marches on the capital this very moment. After another month of manoeuvring and skirmishes, the three-hundred-thousand-strong Jacobin army enters Berlin, resisted by fifty-thousand Prussian Loyalists. Over the barricades storm the Anarchists, dying by the tens of thousands every day. For every corpse piled by Prussian guns, another Jacobin flies howling from the mists. The Battle for Berlin lasts three weeks.

Finally, on 2 September, the battle ends. By 4 September, the bloodied, battered remains of the Prussian Army sets about the tired work of restoring order to the nation.

The next eighteen months are spent in this cycle; Jacobin uprising, bare victory, a few months of peace and military rebuilding, then another uprising. Finally, in May 1849, the Jacobins seize Berlin and assassinate my First Minister.

That's 145,000 MORE Jacobin rebels, just sitting in Berlin. I think I'm depopulating Germany with this civil war.

God damn it…

Jacobins took Bavaria. Unwilling to let my sphereling go, I decided to press the issue and start a war. Now it's 1851, I have State & Government, but one of the requirements for unification is 'be at peace'. Then the elections got violent (I REALLY HATE JACOBIN REBELS)

Forming the North German Federation (The Second Huzzah!)

The war with Bavaria complete, Prussia declares the unification of all northern German states into the NGF amid Jacobin violence and a Nationale Partei (Reactionary) victory in the elections. Immediately thereafter, the Jacobins march on the Capitol and force a regime change, installing the Liberaldem Partei as the head of this new German nation. Long Live Liberty!

So this really sets me back. Jacobins continue to rise (haven’t you already WON!?), but amidst all that, I manage to glare angrily at Austria for a few years. then, I declare war.

I think I broke Austria

Oh, I absolutely broke Austria. It wasn’t hard; they had no allies and no army. On the other hand, I’ll need to annex or sphere some of those broken pieces if I want to form Greater Germany. On the gripping hand, most of them aren’t German anyway. I would have kicked them out just as soon as I could anyway.

But while I’ve been struggling to unite Germany, the United States of America have been struggling to stay that way:

Seems slavery is a hot-button topic over there. Silly Americans; we here in Europe are all about peace and love and equality, right? At least, that's what our Jacobin overlords tell us to say.

I have no intention of officially recognizing the CSA. I want them to lose the Civil War.

But it can’t hurt to provide some war subsidization; monetary and material aid in their war against the Yankee’s in the north. The longer the war drags on, the more damage will be done to the up-and-coming superpower, and the longer I can delay their world domination, the better.

Things are getting… wacky. Out of control. Fun.

Greece, my ally, goes bankrupt. Portugal, an up-and-coming Great Power, declares war, so I move to defend. Then France declares war on Austria for no particular reason, dragging me into a second war. The Switzerland declares war against Austria for no particular reason, and all hell breaks loose. Austria kicks Swiss ass, gets smeared by France, who forces them into their Sphere, but my war with them doesn’t end. I take this as an opportunity to steal Alsace-Lorraine, which ends… poorly.

Then Carlist Spain goes bankrupt (Great Depression of the 1850’s?), and France declares against them. So too does Portugal, who is currently failing to hold off my invasion.


Is this the First World War or something? Germany, France, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain and Poland. Oh yeah, Poland decided to defend Greece too.

Poland is that little red bit above Hungary, which still has the Austrian name planted atop it on the map. As you can see, they will be of incredible help.

Meanwhile, the Ottoman and Italian Empires went to war, while the United and Confederate states stopped going to war, which confuses me since the United States was way ahead. The CSA had next to no military remaining, and half of their provinces were occupied by Yank troops.  Then, nothing. The war was ended in a White Peace, and the United States immediately attacked the Empire of Mexico for the State of California. Taking advantage of this weakened, split, distracted United States (Disunited States? Northern States of America?), Britain declares war, igniting the Third War of Independence. I must have missed the second. The CSA is filled to the brim with Confederate Reactionaries and the USA goes bankrupt.

The war in Portugal goes smoothly, and as an added bonus I puppet them. They will be useful in the war against France to come.

Know what else will be useful? A MILLION JACOBIN REBELS IN FRANCE. Go, my brothers and sisters! I take the opportunity to declare war while they deal with their new rebel problem.

The war goes shockingly well, with Prussian, Austrian, Bohemian and Spanish might easily surrounding and crushing the French armies, divided as they are between Loyalist and Jacobin forces.

Look-see what I got!

What a cockslap that would be... >:)

 But wait!

What’s this?


Next Time: Germany! From there, who knows?
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Three Hurrah’s For Germany, Part Two: Jacobin, Jacobin, Jacobin

Preparing Against France

Or Russia, I’m not sure which yet. France has Alsace-Lorraine, which I need to truly form Germany, but they are powerful; far more powerful than I, at the moment. Unfortunately, my military took a good thrashing against Austria, while France came in long after I had smashed the majority of Austrian might. As such, they have a few stacks of troops, while I have only two.

Before I can worry about war against the French, however, I need to pay off the massive debts I accrued over the course of the four-year war. With some careful cuts and tax hikes, I manage to balance the books – and even expand my new-fangled rail system! The first trains of Prussia run from Berlin to Konigsberg. Capitalists soon pick up the slack, and Prussia will have a nation-wide rail system within a few years.

The current First Minister of Prussia is nothing more than a placeholder, neither successful nor particularly detrimental to the state. This is not good enough, and I manufacture a scandal by which to remove him from the office. With the death of the King in Prussia in 1840, plus the replacement of this uninteresting minister, I may be able to get this government off the ground and pass some reforms. The new First Minister is appointed; a Military Man! This is good news, I think.

Oh no!

This is one of the first big decisions added in the POP Demands Mod. What I choose here can have massive effects on the game.

I take pity on the decayed Ottoman Empire; it is so far reduced from what it once was – a descent I am sure will continue regardless – that I want to stave off the inevitable as long as possible. If the Ottomans fall now,  it could radically alter Middle Eastern politics, something I don’t want at the moment. I’d rather have a unified Germany when the Empire finally rots to the core. Support the Empire it is!

And finally, South Africa

I can also use this war as an excuse to steal Suez from Egypt. Though the Suez Canal will not be built for a very long time, I want to be the one to do it. The commercial benefits certainly won’t hurt either, nor will establishing Prussia as a colonial power.

While I wait for my armies to assemble and board their transports, news reaches the throne.

The Age of Liberalism has come!

This is going to cause problems. Nationalist and suffrage movements tend to be more violent in this period, leading to more common rebellions. I cannot face Egypt, stare down France, and hunt for rebels at the same time. France will be left alone.

Speaking of rebels…

As if Austria (now ranked 36th among world powers) didn’t have enough trouble with Sardinia-Piedmont still demanding the release of the already-free Lombardian people, Jacobin rebels have infested the country. There might be a regime change in Austria soon.

No matter; Austria will be under my rule soon enough. I need not worry about the Jacobin movement south of the border. I send a small first expedition into the Mediterranean, where they will land north of Cairo and take the city. Unfortunately, Prussia’s minuscule navy cannot ferry a large army with any speed, so the invasion of Egypt will come piecemeal.

The Jacobin’s force their new government on Austria, forming Austro-Hungary. Also, Italy formed and I gained a Humiliate Cassus Belli on the new state – one that I have no intention of using, though perhaps in the future I might force Italy to split apart again to secure my borders.

The Oriental Crisis comes to an end, and Prussia has a choice; end our own war against Egypt, or continue our agression.

Screw it, I want Suez. WAR!

Egypt immediately offers Suez, and I take it. That was easy.

Prussia has a colony! I begin a National Focus campaign to entice German immigration into the Suez Region. It’s my own little New World (except it’s Egypt, and therefore older than Prussia. Shut up.) New trade comp[anies are established, though this causes strife among the Prussian Upper House; the Capitalists want free trade within the new colony, while the Aristocracy demands privileged, state-controlled companies hold the commercial aspects of our new holdings.

Of course I side with the Aristocrats. Normally, I like to encourage Capitalists, but free trade in so new a colony would be a disaster; there is nothing to trade! The Suez economy would collapse and not recover for decades.

Fun fact: the more control the government maintains, the more control the player has. As liberal ideas take hold and power moves into the hands of the people, the player has less and less control – which can be good, since the AI is very intelligent and can usually run the country for you – but only once you have a working economy/production model. The AI is also vastly superior at maintaining the vast and brain-numbingly complex empires of the late game, taking a huge load of stress of the player in the late game.

Speaking of liberal ideals…

Damn Jacobins. Get off my lawn!

The Jacobins are Anarcho-Liberalists, a violently liberal movement. The dichotomy of these hate-spewing, racist, religiously intolerant anarchists calling themselves ‘liberal’ might seem strange to a modern audience, but keep in mind that this was the beginning of the Liberalist movement. Political experimentation was all the rage; it is from this era that the very first Socialist/Communist ideas began to form, though they would not actually spread for decades more. True laissez faire capitalism quickly failed, but the wonders of free trade economies is that they are very adaptable and self-correcting; though pure libertarian economies failed, slight deviations of th form proved durable and effective.

But these guys? Fuck the Jacobins. That’s what I intend to do.

AND I DO. In a few months, all 250,000 Jacobin rebels have been killed or routed. Just as I finish with this, however, I catch wind of Russian propaganda; a drumming-up of international support for war against Austria-Hungary. Though I have every intention of subsuming Austria into Greater Germany, Russian expansionism will not be tolerated. I forge an alliance with Austria-Hungary;  any Russian aggression will be met with Prussian steel and bullets! Unfortunately, Reactionary rebels have infested my southern neighbour – likely in reaction to the Anarcho-Liberal Jacobin coup. Another regime change would mean an end to our alliance and would leave Austria-Hungary open to Russian intervention. Luckily, a Military Access Agreement is met, and my armies crush the Reactionaries in Vienna, ending the rebellion there.


A sign of things to come?

In fact, German Pan-Nationalists have risen all over the place! I like where this is heading! Wurttemberg joins my Sphere, and Bavaria is currently being occupied by these Pan-Nationalists. Now that all of Germany (except Austria) is in my SoI, I merely need to wait until 1850 and the State & Government technology to unlock before I can form the North German Federation – of course, by then, I might be able to form Greater Germany without the intermediary step.

All this liberal agitation and rebellion has got the Prussian people talking about a constitution and an end to the absolute monarchy. I’m tempted to agree… Voting is not yet implemented, but State-Run Unions and Naturalization of Immigrants is easing all but the most militant of liberals. The suffrage movement cannot be ignored forever.

Let’s take a look at the rest of the world, shall we?

This is a strange North America…

South America looks okay. Not that I would know what a proper 1844 South America would look like.

Far East Asia, with Britain in control of Hong Kong and Portugal in control of Macao.

The Middle East. Everything looks good here.

Middle and North Africa

And finally, South Africa

Next Time: Taking on Russia and France. I promise!
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Three Hurrah’s for Germany, Part One: The Plan

But First!

What the hell is Victoria II anyway?

Good Question, Me!

Victoria II numbers among one of my favourite games – I have certainly sunk in excess of two-hundred hours into it. This may be because of its dizzying complexity and the sense of world-spanning scale (this may be caused by Vicky II being a game of world-spanning empires, fyi).

I have always had a soft spot for Germany throughout history – from the Germainic tribes arrayed against the Roman Empire, through the Holy Roman Empire (funny how that one worked out), the dissolution of said Empire (the state of affairs as of the beginning of the game) and the unification of all German speaking peoples under Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime, all the way up to the modern day.

I just like Germany, okay? Even when playing Hearts of Iron III, I tend to play Germany – or Canada, because there is nothing cooler than kicking Nazi butt as a tiny country of badass Canucks. The Nazi’s make easy enemies to hate.

But Nazi Germany is not this Germany. This Germany is Prussia, the northern of the two German Great Powers – the southern being Austria.

But What’s the Plan?

Another excellent question, me! The plan is simple; unite Germany under one banner, remove all non-German states from the Empire, and secure my unified Germany against our enemies – Russia in the east, France in the west, Italy (should it ever unify) in the south, and the United Kingdom – the British Empire itself – around the world. Perhaps even supplant the Brits as the #1 Great Power on Earth.

Europe in 1836. Prussia and its Sphere of Influence in the north, Austria and it’s puppets in the south. The Middle East is dominated by the waning Ottoman Empire and its Egyptian subordinates. In the west, Spain is slowly decaying, while French Liberalism sweeps the continent. Italy is just as fractured as Germany, while there, just off the coast, sits the loathsome homeland of the Brits.


Incidentally, I’m playing with the expansion pack A House Divided (because no media including the American Civil War can avoid the phrase). In addition, I’m playing the incredibly excellent POP Demands Mod, which I heartily recommend to all.

Just Get On With It Already!


Here’s (part of) the Politics screen. There’s a lot of information, but here you can see Prussia’s government split and the Rights of Man – a decision that isn’t a decision, really; all men are born equal! Let us start our great country down the path of liberty early!

Know what? I don’t like this government. Immediately, I force a change of governing bodies (it’s good to be the king!). The Nationale Partei (Reactionaries) are now in charge, giving me access to State Capitalism. I can mandate the construction of factories and goods myself, without waiting on the whims of whiny Capitalists.

Prussia’s next priorities are balancing the economy and production, then working on building up our great military – we will need to war against both Austria and France in the coming decades in order to unify Germany – Austria for the obvious reasons, and France in order to seize the provinces of Alsace-Lorraine. With that in mind, I use my points of National Focus in my most populous regions, encouraging the population to soldiery. This won’t last long – National Foci are excellent tools, wasted on military matters – but I must be ready for anything. Russia denied my diplomatic overtures, and no alliance has been forged with the Bear in the East – this means they could turn on us any time, and may even ally with my soon-to-be enemies.

Enemies like Denmark, who holds German regions as its puppet – namely, Schleswig-Holstein. To form the North German Federation, I will need to wrest this region from Danish hands. Unlike most other German states, this Schleswig-Holstein will not be won through diplomacy, but through force of arms.

Seriously, what is Denmark going to do? Scowl at me?

Luckily, military action to force the release of a puppet incurs a minuscule infamy penalty. I go about spreading propaganda and slinging international mud on the Danes, justifying my war against them. In a few months time, my people will be ready – eager – to fight for the release of their cousins.

And so it is. I even call in my allies to help me fight this war – what better way to cement a military partnership than war?

The Prussian-Danish War. Yes, that man is standing on his horse. Smells Like Dwarf Victoria?

While my two main armies fight in Schleswig-Holstein, my cavalry made a lightening raid on Copenhagen – capitals are worth the most Warscore, which is how the game determines the winning side and the likelihood of this-or-that Wargoal being accepted or dismissed. In this case, the Wargoal is the release of Schleswig-Holstein, though now that I am at war, I can add new Wargoals without justification. I decide to forcefully add Denmark to my Sphere of Influence (fun fact; I’m not sure if sphering a country also sphere’s its puppets. If so, releasing Schleswig-Holstein would in fact be detrimental). I don’t really want Denmark in my Sphere, but the prestige bonus for successfully adding a country to your Sphere is nice, and I’m going to need all the prestige I can get if I want to overcome the British Empire as the greatest of the Great Powers.

It seems the French have added the same Wargoal, but since I started this war, I get to choose the terms of peace – and French empowerment is not among them. I easily force the release of my German cousins and add Denmark to the Prussian Sphere of Influence (SoI). Unfortunately, this puts me in a truce with the newly-free Schleswig-Holstein, meaning I cannot influence them for five years. This leaves the gates wide open for Austria to Sphere them. It also means I cannot move my troops out of Denmark, as S-H sits between Denmark and Prussia.

To offset Austria’s influence head-start, I invest in some S-H industry. Building factories in foreign land will provide influence bonuses to me, and penalties to other countries.

And so the war of words begins. Prussia vs. Austria for control of Germany. Prussia begins the game with an inordinate number of sphered countries – most of northern Germany, in fact – while Austria only has a handful to hold on to. I have to spread out my influence to keep my many minor spherelings. Prussia will not be gaining overseas allies for a long time.


It seems the Russian Empire has gone Bankrupt, giving me the Repay Debts Cassus Belli (Cause for War, essentially). I can force them to reimburse me monies owed, as they borrowed money from the National Bank of Prussia and have now defaulted. This might be an opportunity for further Wargoals – namely the release of its western reaches, creating a buffer state between Russia and Prussia, keeping the Bear from interfering in my Grand Unification.

Unfortunately, the bulk of my army is still trapped in Denmark, losing men to supply issues – the Danes certainly aren’t going to supply them! I’m working on getting military access through S-H, but it’s been slow going. They don’t seem to trust me after I wrecked their armies and occupied their capital a year ago. Thin-skinned pansies!

But then Austria goes bankrupt too. Nevermind Russia, I need to split Austria into tiny little pieces! In order to create the Greater German Empire, Austria must be under my control – either Sphered or Puppetted. Either way, Austria must no longer be a Great Power, which means reducing its military might, industrial capacity and international prestige. The Repay Debts Cassus Belli gives me the perfect oportunity to start a war without incurring infamy. If it goes well, I’ll simply add more Wargoals as I go along. With S-H finally granting military access, I can move my experienced armies south to meet my new men along the Austrian border. A quick push to Vienna should give me the Warscore needed to split off some non-German pieces of Austria – pieces I don’t want included in my Greater German Empire anyway!

While I’ve been busily adjusting my war-plans, it seems the United Kingdom has invaded Qing China, seeking to wrest the city of Hong Kong as a distant Asian colony. Seeing an opportunity, France declares against the United Kingdom, taking Belgium from the Empire’s SoI. While I support any war between other Great Powers, I was hoping for French support against Austria in the coming war; they are erstwhile allies. No matter. I shall demand they join me in defeating Austria in any case; should they decline, it will be no skin off my teeth.

Luckily, they join, though their armies are out of position and will be of no aid for the crucial early months. Another hazard; Austria has long maintained a policy of interventionism in Italy, and the Italian states have joined the war in favour of their Austrian masters.

The war progresses slowly…

… but surely. The horse-standing man certainly adds charm to the occupation of Eisenstadt.

The first year of the war is tight, but as Prussia’s military might squashes Austria’s Spherelings, they drop out of the war. France is victorious in Belgium, and moves its own vast armies into Italy, removing them from the war as well. Austria stands alone. It is time to force Prussian hegemony over Austria – this will force their German SoI into Prussia’s.

It seems Austria has more to worry about; Sardinia-Piedmont has declared war to liberate Lombardia from Austrian control.

Hey, wait a minute! That’s my goal!

 I think Sardinia-Piedmont can be safely ignored. Still, if they force the release of Lombardia before I do, I will destroy them.

Check out Austria’s score:

23. This puts my southern cousin FAR below the required score for Great Power status. I might not even form the North German Federation as a stepping-stone towards greater German Unification.

If I can add Austria and S-H to my sphere, there’ll be no need to form the NGF, though it is an excellent first step for Prussia, as it removes the need to defend your SoI from outside influence.


Austria is beaten! Baden, Wurttemburg, Saxony and Bavaria have all been taken into my Sphere and Lombardia has been liberated! France wanted to acquire the state of Trieste from Austria, but again I ignored French demands.

And news has reached me that the state of Hanover has had a falling-out with the United Kingdom; they are no longer within the British SoI, making the German state ripe for the picking. With Hanover, Schleswig-Holstein and Luxembourg nearly in my Sphere, Austria a broken and bloody corpse, and Russia still suffering from a disastrous economy, Prussia has found itself in a position of eminence in Europe.

And it’s only 1841! Five years of gameplay finds Prussia launched into third place among the Great Powers of the world, just behind France.

And far behind the Brits.

Next time: Taking on Russia and France.


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Alice and Kev

So this is sort of old, but while you wait for a new game of ridiculousness, check out Alice and Kev

I have never felt such heartwrench reading a blog about a game. Ever. If I weren’t an emotional robot, I’d probably have cried.

I nearly did anyway.

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What’s Next?

With the end of Zaskidet, I’m starting up a new LP for your enjoyment (and mine). Next on the chopping block is either Victoria II – one of my all-time favourite games, and one into which I have sunk literally hundreds of hours into – or Civ V – which doesn’t get a link because it’s popular enough already.

I don’t currently own Civ V, sadly, so it might be a while before I start up a game of that. If I go with Vicky, I know exactly what country I’ll be playing as, and what my goal will be: Prussia and the unification of Greater Germany! I really could go down for either, so I’m making a poll for you.

Alternatively, I could play something non-strategy. The only thing I ask is that it involve a great deal of player choice. This removes most FPS’s, and a majority of RPG’s – though Skyrim is certainly on the table. Note that I do not own Skyrim either.

And feel free to suggest your own game. It’s like a Choose your Own Adventure!

Except I get to do the adventuring. Suckers.

(For those who vote ‘other’, leave your suggestion in the comments below. Or don’t, but I might just assume you mean that none of the options are to your taste)

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Smells Like Dwarf Fortress, Part Ten: The Fall of Zaskidet

The Year of the Forks 410

Vile glacier-mists spread anew through the halls of Zaskidet, seeping into empty rooms, permeating the empty workshops. Blood and Dwarven viscera stain the walls and floors, drip from the ceilings. A tribe of Troglodytes fight Goblins for loot, scavenge what they can, and return to their cavern homes. Doors kilter off their hinges, rats run rampant, and the last Dwarf of Zaskidet throws himself from the Shrine and into the molten core of the Scintillating Ash.

The Cult of Forks is no more. The pilgrimage is over.

As Austin Jones drowns in magma, he thinks back on what he has done and laughs a mad laugh. After five years of torture, death and disease, it is over. No more will friends suffer and die under the mismanagement of ill-trained medical staff, or from the assault of giant maggots wreathed in flame. No more will the terrifying visage of Ishashstumäm haunt the sleep of family. They sleep their eternal sleep now.


All the Dwarves of Zaskidet. That long balancing act on the edge of insanity finally wore the Dwarves of the Cult down. When Austin snapped, he took with him the entire fortress. When the dust settled and the blood pooled, only he remained standing – missing an arm, and an eye, and a tooth, but he lived.

Then I abandoned what has been the most exciting, !!FUN!! fortress I have ever had the honour of playing.




Smells Like Dwarf Fortress.


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