What’s Next?

01 Feb

With the end of Zaskidet, I’m starting up a new LP for your enjoyment (and mine). Next on the chopping block is either Victoria II – one of my all-time favourite games, and one into which I have sunk literally hundreds of hours into – or Civ V – which doesn’t get a link because it’s popular enough already.

I don’t currently own Civ V, sadly, so it might be a while before I start up a game of that. If I go with Vicky, I know exactly what country I’ll be playing as, and what my goal will be: Prussia and the unification of Greater Germany! I really could go down for either, so I’m making a poll for you.

Alternatively, I could play something non-strategy. The only thing I ask is that it involve a great deal of player choice. This removes most FPS’s, and a majority of RPG’s – though Skyrim is certainly on the table. Note that I do not own Skyrim either.

And feel free to suggest your own game. It’s like a Choose your Own Adventure!

Except I get to do the adventuring. Suckers.

(For those who vote ‘other’, leave your suggestion in the comments below. Or don’t, but I might just assume you mean that none of the options are to your taste)

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