Three Hurrah’s for Germany, Part Four: Three Hurrah’s Indeed. Maybe Even a Huzzah!

28 Feb


Look at that sexy, sexy Germany. Mmm-mmm!

Now, there are a few states with majority German populations in places like Slovenia, Bohemia-Moravia and Hungary. German Unification will never be complete without these states under our control!  Slovenia is the first to fall – though I only take from them a single province, which has a 90% German-ethnic majority. As I wage war for Slovenian Istria, Italy decides to join the bandwagon and demand from Slovenia the province of Slovenian Istria.

Yeah, no. Germany takes Slovenian Istria in a week.

The island of Heligoland is, at the moment, owned by the United Kingdom, but the German Empire has a core claim on the island.

The United Kingdom wants the colony of Suez in exchange for the island. As much as I want Heligoland, I want to keep the Suez Canal for myself even more. I deny their request, and the United Kingdom fails to push the issue. Probably because of this:

Not only have I overcome both France and the United Kingdom and taken the #1 spot among Great Powers of the world, but the United Kingdom has fallen slightly behind France!

Still, you can’t count the Brits out entirely:

North America is looking a little strange, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

Damnable Socialists and their fancy red flags!

But that's okay; I won the World Fair. And invaded Egypt for some colonial land.

Isn't that pretty? Imperial expansionism is always hilarious, right?

Well. Maybe not.

In late 1866, I declare war against Hungary in order to gain the region of Transdanubia, a majority-German state. Hungary is allied with Italy, but my Ottoman and Polish allies should help mitigate this issue. Sadly, the Ottomans do not see the manifest glory of German Unification – they maintain neutrality in this war. It’s Germany vs. Italy!

Oh yeah, Poland and Hungary are in there somewhere, but who cares? This is my chance to smash another Great Power!

As you can see, the war goes well - if slowly. Germany occupies Rome, while the Danes and Poles aid Germany in the war.

 Poland has a bit of a unification streak itself – while I wasn’t looking, they stole Upper Silesia from Bohemia-Moravia, leaving B-M with only one state remaining – a majority-German state, at that. After this war, some down-time will be in order; the Infamy penalty of 22 that annexing a nation incurs is huge. Once you get over 24 or 25 Infamy, other countries will wreck your shit for being too violent. This is even more dangerous with the POP Demands Mod, as this can lead to a Great War of Containment – basically a WWI-style showdown between massive alliances. Not something I want to include myself in.

Well would you look at that!

Those are French armies, demanding the return of Elsaß-Lothringen. I suppose I should have seen something like this coming – it’s what I’d do. I quickly make some new alliances with Russia and some European minors, calling them to my aid. Germany may have beaten Italy, but the war isn’t over yet. Hundreds of thousands of troops are still deployed across Italy and Hungary. Russia certainly takes her sweet time getting into the war, but with their aid the war for Transdanubia is quickly settled. Now, it’s on to France!


I’m tempted to turn this into a war for French concessions – maybe I’ll take some African or Asian colonies – but Russia’s military is almost entirely built on mobilized reserves. They have very little real army to speak of. If all goes well, France will simply drown in Russian blood. I hope German troops can find some dry ground.

The inclusion of Russian reservists into the German war effort brings the French invasion to a screeching halt. As Russian men bleed at the end of French bayonets, the German army recovers. A few months later, Germany launches a counter-offensive, ending the developed stalemate and spilling into Nancy, then the rest of Franche-Comté. The war ends in a White Peace. I don’t want the Infamy that comes with a continuation and escalation of the war, even if I am firmly trouncing the baguette-loving pansies.

After decades of German control and a government-endorsed immigration program, the Colony of Suez has been given statehood. The state has long since contained a sizeable German minority. It seemed only right and fair. To celebrate the new State of Suez, government officials begin the first drafts of the Suez Canal project!

Quick! What’s going on around the world?

Good question, me! (again)

Europe. Note the silly lettering for Germany. I need to annex Bohemia-Moravia and fix that issue.

North Africa

South Africa

The Middle East and India

Far East Asia

South America

And the ever-wacky North America. It seems to be normalizing; the USA got California back, at the very least. Canada gained peaceful independence - retaining the Oregon Territory - while the United Kingdom held on to Newfoundland and Alaska.

Hold on a second.

That looks better. Only one majority-German region remains; Friesland.

Friesland belongs to the Dutch, but each province in the region has a large German majority – in the case of Arnhem, 56% are North German, while another 29% are South German. the other provinces of Friesland are much the same.

Next Time: Friesland and Heligoland – a complete and total Germany!

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2 responses to “Three Hurrah’s for Germany, Part Four: Three Hurrah’s Indeed. Maybe Even a Huzzah!

  1. Justin

    February 28, 2012 at 12:55 PM

    These Transvaali are to lax. They should be following my example!


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