Three Hurrah’s for Germany, Part Six: Germany, Defender of Freedom and Liberty!

13 Mar

Fascism in America

The Fascist Party of America takes control of the United States. It’s a showdown between Communism and Fascism, North and South!

This cannot be left alone. Democracy must be defended, liberty upheld. Germany gears for war. But first, Fascism and Communism must be rooted out of my allies.

At the same time, Polish Nationalists rise up in Russian Warsaw, securing the region’s inclusion in the growing Polish Fascist dictatorship. I put a quick end to such silliness – though Poland retains Warsaw, they are not allowed their dictatorial rule.

The United States continues its aggressive wars against the CSA, even takes land from Canada and Mexico. This has to stop, before such violent extremism becomes intercontinental – as it has already begun to do in places like Poland, Denmark and Spain.

Something happened in Spain.

The German-American War is declared, with the intent of reducing American military might – the Cut Down to Size Wargoal. Next will be the CSA, but for now the United States are a far bigger threat. They have even intervened in Hawaii and the Philippines, annexing the island nations.

New York, Long Island, Atlantic City, Philadelphia and, to the west, Detroit and Denver, are quickly occupied. There has been no American resistance, as the Yank armies are busy waging war against the CSA.

With a Mexican intervention in Texas, the US-CS War, and now the German-American War, Fascist America falls. An emergency election is forced upon them, and the Liberal Party wins by a landslide. Freedom wins the day in the North.

Now to do the same in the Communist South. It goes just as smoothly as the war in the North.

Well that was… That was anticlimactic.

I was really hoping this War of Ideologies would play out more…  tight. Close to the knuckle. But no, Germany just curb-stomped both States of America with ease. This makes every Great Power at least Democratic, though not necessarily liberal; the United Kingdom jumps between Communist and Socialist, France keeps dipping into Fascism (though remains mostly Reactionary). Spain, despite its recent disintegration, remains an agitator in colonial politics, and is in fact a Communist Proletarian Dictatorship. Still, they aren’t threatening anyone – they are just annoying.

Great War on the Horizon

This can only end well...

Meanwhile, the Great Powers of Europe have expanded their colonial efforts into the Balkans – Bulgaria has been split between the Ottoman, British and Dutch Empires. It seems a Great War is inevitable as the forces of freedom face down the armies of extremism and dictatorship.

Russia and Bukovina (the little orange bit in the lower-centre) invade Poland - Russia for Warsaw, and Bukovina for Russian control over West Galicia.

After so many revolutions and counter-revolutions in Poland, I’ve given up on keeping Poland in my Sphere. Still, Polish freedom has come at so great a cost. I’d hate to see the country divided and subsumed back into the Russian Empire.

While Germany prepares to face down the Russian Empire, potential allies in the fight for democracy fall into brutal warfare all along the Swiss Alps and African colonies:

This games first Great War. Not quite a World War, but certainly bigger than anything I've seen so far.

American Patriots take over in New England, subsuming the minor North American state into the United States.

I could press my (empty) claim to the land, but the people have spoken. ‘Tis a shame the revolution turned violent.

Italy slowly gains the upper hand in its war against France, but a sudden Jacobin rebellion on the home front might turn the tides in France’s favour. Germany remains isolated from this Great War.

Well, I was complaining about Spanish totalitarianism...


Great War Comes to Germany

And it’s not the Russians! It’s those pesky French; their alliance of France-Canada-Ottoman Empire has declared war against Germany in a Great War – likely to retake  Elsaß-Lothringen and dismantle Greater Germany. This would put France in an easy first place among the Great Powers. Far ahead of even the United Kingdom, which still sits in a distant third. Germany would be reduced to a pathetic shadow of its current greatness – all Cores go to their original owners, so I would lose Friesland, Heligoland, huge swathes of eastern and southern Germany, and almost every colony in Africa.

Then again, I can do the same to France when I win.

Germany's blitzkrieg start.

Germany makes a quick push into the French heartland, reaching the province of Ile de France in weeks, the outskirts of Paris itself within a month.

The Battle of Rouen is shaping up to be the decisive battle of this war, while a French army is driven into the sea and destroyed at Dunkirk.

The Great War ends with a French defeat.


The Great War is ended! All that remains is dividing the spoils.

No, that barf-green smudge in southern France is not Vichy, but Occitania.

As you can see, the United Kingdom gets quite a hefty chunk of Africa, from which the Brits had almost been excluded during the Scramble for Africa.

French colonies around the world are split off, many becoming independent sovereignties, some going into German hands for safekeeping – no more Fascist rule in Africa! Russia, the UK and the USA, who were all a minor part of the Great War, gain their own holdings. As do Brazil and Italy, for some reason.

With the end of the Franco-German War, an election is called.

Oh dear.

Revanchism hits France hard, leading to a massive upsurge of Fascist support in the newly-democratic country. An utterly massive Fascist rebellion spreads across that nation.

Over half-a-million Fascist rebels in Paris - which is defended by German troops.

Wave after wave of Fascist rebellion rises again and again in France. The combined might of German and French armies cannot hold them at bay. Over one million troops are committed to the Battle of Paris.  Even if liberty is victorious against this vile rebellion, France will have been nearly depopulated, it’s young men dead in the streets of its battle-wracked capital. In the end, 1.1 million Fascists died in Paris alone, another 750,000 across France. On the other side, ‘only’ 100,000 Germans died protecting French freedom. When another wave of thousands-strong Fascist armies spread across France, Germany withdraws. France falls.

Next Time: The Last Decades

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