Three Hurrah’s for Germany, Part Seven: The Closing Decades

20 Mar

Fascism in France

The truce between Germany and France means Germany cannot fight the now-legitimized Fascist rebellion that grips its western neighbour. Ethnic Germans are hunted in the streets of Paris and Orleans, arrested or executed. German shops are closed and burned. Revenge and revanchism reign supreme.

Fascism in America

I take my eyes off of North America for one decade and shit goes sideways!

The Confederate States of America turn Fascist again, the United States takes northern Texas (Rio Grande has the south). California declares independence from Mexico.

Then things get… interesting.

Oh dear. America, once the worlds greatest beacon of liberty and freedom, has fallen to Fascism. Another Great War looms, this time initiated by Germany. The United States declares war against the Fascist Dictatorship in Mexico – a war between these two nations is good for Germany, distracting as it does our enemies in America and the Fascist regime in Mexico.

The war starts much like the last, with a handful of Great Powers combining to face this industrial and military giant.

New England and the Atlantic Northeast fall in short order, including Washington D.C.

Fascist Mexico falls to American military might, leaving my ally in Rio Grande exposed. Armies are diverted from the Northern to the Southern Front, slowing the war effort, which includes two different Wargoals: Great War (to dismantle the American Empire) and Install Democracy – I will not make the same mistake as I did in France.

After a short push by the American Armed Forces, Germany is back on the offensive, and an end to this Great War is in sight.

Damn it, Jacobians!

A simultaneous Fascist rebellion in Canada creates a three-way Civil War – Jacobin Anarcho-liberals, Fascists, and Loyalists – bringing Canada to its knees. Jacobin rebels in America aid the cause of freedom.

North America after the Great War.

This puts Mexico in a disturbingly powerful position. Should they start warmongering, they will face the infinite might of Liberal Germany!

A few short interventions in Fascist CSA and Mexico turns North America into… Well, into a patchwork mess:

I don't think this is what North America looked like in 1934. I blame the lack of a WWI. Yes. That is the problem here.

That said, a First World War is right around the corner, as the Fascist Republic of Britannia annexes Venezuela and bites off a chunk of both Brazil and Qing China. It may not be long before Greater Germany and Britannia face off.

World War I

Germany declares war on Fascist France, which is attempting to reunite its lost Occitanian provinces in the south. Britannia, ally of France, declares war against Greater Germany. Germany turns this conflict into a Great War, and suddenly the whole world is at war. From China to Brittany, the Ottoman Empire to South Africa, Canada to Argentina, the nations of the world gear for war. German troops board their transports, ready to invade the British mainland through Wales and across the Straights of Dover.

Germany is surrounded. Russia joins on the side of Fascism, pitting Germany against Britannia, France and Russia – three Great Powers and their Puppets, Satellites and Spherelings.

Another Blitzkrieg into France.

The British Campaign proceeds with mediocrity.

While on the Eastern Front, things go poorly.


How will WWI play out? Will Germany defeat the vile forces of Fascism and totalitarianism in Europe?

Who knows?

Yes, Victoria II ends in the Year of Our Lord, 1936. Let’s see the impact an early, true unification of Greater Germany had on the world (I’ll bet it’s negligible):

North America

South America

North Africa

South Africa

The Middle East

India and Southeast Asia

The Far East

And finally, Europe

The Final Score

So, dear reader; how was the war won? Was the war won? And by whom?

That’s for you to decide (and maybe leave your ideas in the comments)

Danke Sehr!

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One response to “Three Hurrah’s for Germany, Part Seven: The Closing Decades

  1. Frederick

    June 14, 2014 at 7:30 AM

    Of course Großdeutschland won the war!


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