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Nintendo is the new Sony; the WiiU, the new PS3

First, take a quick gander at Seamus Young’s Experienced Points post over at the Escapist: Nintendo Wants It’s Cut

This, it seems, is reminiscent of the moronic cell system Sony implemented in it’s Playstation 3. A grave and obviously foolhardy mistake made for the exact same reason.

Back in the day, the PS2 ruled the console world. It’s still one of the highest selling consoles to ever be made. It’s kind of ridiculous to imagine just how incredible that console really was. It catapulted Sony into the stratosphere of worldwide corporate competition more than any other product has for almost any other company. Everyone made games for the PS2. Sony, riding high as King of the Consoles, wanted to edge out the competition even more; hence the inane design for the PS3. The idea was to make porting games off the system so difficult as to dissuade developers from doing so, ensuring more and more PS3 exclusives.

Except this plan backfired. It backfired so very, very hard. The Xbox proved itself to be more enticing to developers, so they started there instead – making the difficulty of the PS3 work against, not for, Sony. No one wanted to bother making a game for the PS3 due to the effort required, so they stuck to Xbox – this is why you saw so many Playstation franchises either flee the system, or expand into multiplatform work with the Xbox being the main platform of choice.

Yet amidst this console battle between the two hardcore giants, Nintendo absolutely rocked their pants off with the Wii. And now, with the next console generation right on top of us, Ninetendo wants to keep its pants-rocking status, and is doing so with lunatic misunderstanding. Nintendo, after building a console miracle on word of mouth and the promise of fun times, wants to block among the best forms of word of mouth there is, which will serve only to reduce the fun involved.

The WiiU is already failing. This will not save it.

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