01 Aug

After having so much fun playing Game of Thrones, and with the upcoming release of Europa Universalis IV, I’m going to start a new game of Crusader Kings II, play it up to the end, and use that save game to import into EUIV.

Because you can do that now. HolyshitIaminfinitelyexcitedforthis! This is something I have wanted to see for SO LONG. There exist some fan-made mods that roughly transfer saves from one Paradox game to another, but it’s always been a rough hack job, a jury-rigged effort to smash games together. Now, Paradox has made a million Grand Strategy nerds squee their pants simultaneously. I count myself among that number.

With this in mind, I want to do something incredibly ahistorical. I’ve been playing the Norse a lot in my own CKII games, but I don”t think I want to do that for a Let’s Play – I’m afraid I’d become burnt out, having already sunk many, many hours into Norse nations.  Zoroastrian nations, from what I can tell, won’t have a lot of the cool religious events EUIV contains.

I’m thinking of playing as a Muslim Emir and playing the long game, with the intention of colonizing North America. Because that would be awesome. Alternatively, I could pick up the Byzantine Empire, reform the full Roman Empire, and colonize North America. Because that would be awesome.

However, a Muslim state colonizing America has the tasty tang of irony in its favour. In fact, that settles it. Playing a Muslim nation for the first time, from 867 (The Old God’s start date) all the way to 1452 (CKII’s end date). There is no way I’m getting that game done before EUIV’s release, so when I’m done I’ll export/import into EUIV. It seems the conversion brings the date to 1444 (EU’s start date), meaning I’ll even gain 8 years!



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