Dar al-Islam, Part Two: Bigamy Boogaloo!

08 Aug

One of your wives is pregnant, Koriaur.
Awesome! I loves me some babies!

Right, well. Babies you will have. You have three wives, and one very young girl as your betrothed.

I follow the footsteps of the prophet Muhammad.

Good for you. I hear you are starting your Ramadan preparations.

That’s correct.

I hope you retain the physical strength to rule while you fast in this holy month.

I gain my strength from Allah.





Ramadan seems to be going well so far. Somewhere in the middle of all that, you even managed to find yourself another wife. Suddenly you’re a ladies man, Koriaur!

Awww yeah!


And hey, just as the holy month of Ramadan comes to a close…


Your first child is a daughter. She will not be able to inherit, but at least you have a child! That’s something, right? Maybe Huma will give you a son!


But hey, three wives, awesome Ramadan parties? People love you! I think now would be the perfect time to leverage the goodwill you’ve earned, gain a little something for yourself out of all this hard work and socializing you’ve done. I hear Sultan Ahmad is planning a Hajj to Mecca. Perhaps you could become regent while he is away? With a few sweet words and the right promises, I’m sure you could have the position.



That was easy! And Samira is pregnant again!


Life is looking good for you, Koriaur! Aren’t you glad I came along? If it weren’t for me, you’d still be moping around Alexandria, bored and alone. Sadly, Huma has given you another daughter, as has Samira. You are forty years old, Koriaur. You need a son soon, or you may never be able to produce one.



The great and powerful Abbasid dynasty has begun to fray, with small rebellions pockmarking the land. Meanwhile, a peasant revolt in the southern Levant provides ample opportunity for Sultan Ahmad to press a claim on some land. The Sultan requests your aid.

The armies of Alexandria muster and march into the SInai to join their Sultan. Together, the forces of Egypt march across the border and siege minor border forts, sack villages and smash what few local forces oppose them.


The Battle of Petra is the only battle of note, and ends up a resounding Egyptian victory. Sultan Ahmad and Koriaur Kalmen rode together to overcome the outnumbered foe. After the battle, Koriaur splits from the main force to range north on his own, screening for his Sultans army.

Good work Koriaur!

Thanks yo! I feel pretty happy with how things are going.

Speaking of ‘how things are going’…


Boom! A son!


Sorry you had to miss his birth. But now you have a legit heir to the throne of Alexandria. With the dynasty (mostly) secure, it’s time to take some risks.


It’s time to replace Ahmad Tulunid as Sultan of Egypt! Now, we aren’t Pagan, obviously, but we will take the ambition nonetheless.

This sounds like a lot of work :(

Come on, don’t back out now! Just imagine it: all that land, all those soldiers.

All the harem girls!

That too! All of it is yours if you can become Sultan of Egypt.

I will be the greatest Sultan Egypt has ever known! Greater than the Pharaohs!


Well, at least I can’t knock your ambition…

Meanwhile, a plague of Slow Fever has spread across Egypt, infecting every household. The poor and destitute are most at risk, but even nobles and holy men may fall to this display of Gods wrath. Your second wife, Huma, has fallen ill and died.


That’s okay. I’ll get another one.

Wow! Callous much?

In fact, I’ll get two!


Well, okay then!




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