Dar al-Islam, Part Three: MORE WIVES

10 Aug
Rafiq, your Grand Vizier, has died.
I thought Glitterhoof was my Grand Vizier!?

Oh, you were… you were serious about that?

I am always serious!

Right. Well, I took it upon myself to reinstate Rafiq about three years ago.

Whatevs, politics bore me anyway.

He was forty years old, Koriaur. You are forty-seven.


So you are past your prime, and with this plague of Slow Fever still sweeping Egypt, claiming the elderly and infirm, it may be wise to consider your health.. Or at least your dynasty! Your only son, Yahya Kalmen, has contracted the Slow Fever himself!



And with only one son, this puts your family in a precarious spot.

More wives will solve this problem!

Oh dear. Is this you mid-life crisis answer for everything? More wives?

I don’t know, but I aim to find out! MORE WIVES

That may actually be wise, since Samira just gave you another daughter.


Excellent? But these are not sons!

I guess God just wants you to have daughters. This does leave you in a touchy place. To make up for this lack, though, God has given your second daughter a skill normally reserved for men; the art of swordfighting.



I should encourage her. She may be my bloods only hope of survival.

It seems that way. Yahya has lasted almost a year with the Fevers, but while it has not claimed his life, his body has not yet thrown off the disease that wracks it. And your second daughter is quite the charitable philanthropist!


My children are pretty awesome.

You’re a good father, Kor!

D’aww, thanks bro! You’re a good voice in my head.

We make a pretty sweet team! Your son, despite his illness, has reached the age where most boys begin their education. I suggest you take him in your own hand; his education will guide him in his life, and he will take over your dynasty upon you death, should he survive.

He’ll survive.

I’m sure he will, Kor. However, there are two things you should be aware of. First, the Abbasid Caliph has reunited much of his fractured land, and is offering his daughter to Yahya in search of an alliance. This is great news! A marriage between the two dynasties would increase your power immensely!

Let’s do it!

Good choice, Koriaur.

What was the second thing?


Sultan Ahmad Tulunid has imprisoned his wife as a spy, and launched an invasion into lands held by the Islid, to our west.


He has asked that you raise your levies and join him in this war.

Honour demands I acquiesce.

Koriaur marches out with a thousand men to join his Sultan in war. Quick progress is made, right up until meeting the Islid Sultan directly in battle.


My everything hurts!

That is a perfectly natural response to being stabbed, clubbed, smashed and trampled. You should avoid that in the future.

I agree. But I must press on! I am no weakling child, mewling at a few cuts and bruises! I am of the blood of Kalmen!

Just don’t get killed out there!

No danger of that. The Islid have surrendered, and Ahmad Tulunid has expanded his holdings to the west.

This could be problematic. Ahmad is gaining power and prestige while you wait for your moment to strike. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to fight him.

It also means more power for me when I defeat him and take his lands!

There is that, yes. Good thinking, Kor!


Good work, Samira!

Good work indeed! The Dynasty can breathe much easier now that you have a second son. Not to be outdone, Sacira, your youngest and newest wife, has also given you a son!


Dynasty secure! Good work, Koriaur!

NEXT TIME: The Family Tree

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