Dar al-Islam, Part Four: The Family Tree

12 Aug
Your family is getting rather large, Koriaur. Let’s take a moment to review it, shall we?
Let’s do this!


Let us begin with your children. The eldest is Andali bint Koriaur, daughter of Samira.


She is betrothed to Prince al-Mu’tamid of the Abbasid dynasty. You can see her three traits; Quick-witted, Charitable, and Cynical; and her Diplomacy skill of 9 and Intrigue of 10, both above-average for a girl of her age.


Asenath, your little swordswoman. Born to the late Huma, she has only one trait: Brave. With a proper education, she could easily become a martial genius, or a pwerful and unyeilding member of your court. She is also not betrothed to anyone.


Zahra is Ambitious, but unfortunately a bit Slow in the head. She is betrothed to the young Sheikh of Fars, a small and independent Sheikhdom in Persia.


And your first son, your heir; Sheikh Yahya bin Koriaur Kalmen, Sheikh of Quattara. That was a good idea, giving your son a small piece of land to rule – he has the opportunity to learn under the guidance of Milad of Siwa, a competent man without undue ambition. Yahya has only one trait: Quick. He is intelligent and witty, taking to his education like a fish to water.

The remaining children have not yet even reached their first year. They have no traits and no skills, so we’ll be skipping over those.

Well, there is one trait of note. Your youngest daughter, Amunet, has some kind of lung disease that will likely leave her crippled her entire life.


Sadface indeed, Kor. Don’t let that get in the way of your ambitions, though! You have yet to become Sultan of Egypt. This is a depressing lack of awesome.

I should fix that, shouldn’t I?

Yes you should! First, you need to weaken the Tulunid dynasty. Ahmad has only one son. Kill him, and the lands of Egypt will fall into the hands of another family on Ahmad’s death.

Sneaky! I like it!

Then let’s do it! Already you have on backer.


But you are going to need more! Start spreading coin around. Make some friends, make some promises! Sheikh Latif of Manupura seems interested.

He seems like a shady character.

Shady characters are exactly what you need right now, Kor.


While we wait for this plot to stew and gain traction in the courts of Egypt, your daughter Asenath has started to grow.


She is angry, brave, and good with a sword. She would have made a great soldier, but alas she was born a woman.

Sadly, Sultan Ahmad has heard the whisperings and dealings being made in his halls, and he demands the immediate end of our plot.


Well that’s the end of it then!

Hold on there, buddy! I don’t think so. We can push this!


Damn it, man! Don’t back out now!

It will mean war! A war I cannot win.

Dude, we got this, you and me!

You are nothing but a voice in my head. What are you going to do?

I’ll… Frown. Really hard.

You do that. I’m not pushing this.

Fine. You have a few heresies to deal with, by the way. Your Court Imam is proselytizing the Yakhri faith.

Jail him. I’ll not have blasphemies spoken in my presence!

Yes, well, his replacement is also stressing the Yakhri teachings over mainline Sunni Islam.

Jail him too!

There’s more…

Don’t tell me HIS replacement is Yakhri as well?

There is no replacement. There is no one else to take the place of Court Imam.

So the post is empty?

Correct. I have sent out invitations to holy men across Egypt, and even included a little coin to entice a mastermind theologian to take up the post. Matta Mattid has taken up the call.

Very well.

Yahya has been hard at work ruling in Quattara, and aims for greater things in life.


Good lad!

Maybe he’ll become Sultan of Egypt.

Are you still bitter about that?


NEXT TIME: Murder, Intrigue and Ambition!

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