Dar al-Islam, Part Five: Politics Is Hard

13 Aug
Yahya is quite the little rascal!
A little curiosity is a good thing!



A fine, upstanding kid! Meanwhile, your eldest daughter Andali has come of age. She is an Elusive Shadow; an excellent spy and assassin!


Awesome indeed. Know what’s not awesome?


Would this be a bad time to get sick?




Oh boy. Well, civil war in Alexandria, here we come! The unstable political situation has brought out the worst in everyone, it seems. Sacmis, your third wife, has murdered Samira, mother of your heir.



What shall I do with her, Emir?

Throw her in the dungeons! I’ll think of a suitable punishment when I’m feeling better. Perhaps a public execution is in order!

I think you might have been too slow. Sheeva, the young Andalusian Princess you just married like, two days ago, reached Sacmis first.


I don’t know if I should kill her or thank her.

Well, you need to make a choice.

I am too tired for this nonsense! Let us put this behind us.

Amidst all this scheming and plotting, Asenath, your second daughter, has come of age.


She’s also a bit… queer. She pays more attention to the girls of the court than the boys, and many whisper rumours in her presence. She has refused any and all suitors.

I’ll keep an eye on her. How goes the war?

The war goes well! Buhairya and Gizeh have both declared support for Prince Shaybad – whom you tried to kill, remember?

I do!

Strangely, the Prince himself has not joined in this war. Shaybad remains neutral in this conflict. It is Sheikh Ablarion who wants to see the prince rule in Alexandria.

Politics is confusing.

Welcome to Crusader Kings II! Now, as for the actual war…


We’ve actually got quite a lot of money. And money means mercenaries to bolster our army. With this vast advantage, we are easily crushing Ablarion’s forces and besieging his castles. It won’t take long to crush him and his army. A short campaign, and Ablarion surrenders.




Yes it was, Kor. Yes it was…

I’m not sure I like that tone of voice.

Why? I’m not insinuating anything! (You could totally take on the Tulunids and rule in Egypt!)

I’m sorry?

Nothing! Just go about the work of ruling your Emirate. I’m going to go talk to Yahya, all right?

You stay away from my son! Wait, you can do that?


You stay away from my son!

Oh hey, look over there!



Very neat! You should arrange a marriage for her. I’m sure that will occupy your time.

Good idea, voice! I’ll get right on that.

Excellent. Oh Yahya…

Get away from him!

You have a granddaughter!



And they named her after Samira! How sweet!

You are easily distracted, aren’t you?

Am I? I hadn’t noticed

You are. Just trust me on this.

Okay! A random voice in my head seems totally trustworthy!

A message for you, sir:


Do you know what this means?


With the Byzantine Empire!

Oh dear!

That undersells it, I think. Sultan Ahmad is insane! There is no way he could win a war against the Byzantines! If ever there was a time to strike, it would be now, while Ahmads armies invade Sicily.

That would be awful! Underhanded! Dishonourable and vile!

It would also be a good idea.

I’ll think about it.

That means no, doesn’t it?

… I’ll think about it.

Well think harder! Ahmad is being crushed by Byzantine armies!

I actually have a better plan.

Oh this should be good…


Nubia is weak, but holds rich lands. Taking those lands for myself would gain me prestige and access to southern troops. The Kalmen Dynasty would be strengthened!

Surrounding the Tulunids! I like it! That’s… dastardly! Nice to see you’ve got your head in the game after all!

NEXT TIME: The Invasion of Nubia!

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