Dar al-Islam, Part Six: The Alexandrian-Abyssinian War

14 Aug
Our forces muster in Quena, ready to crush the pitiful Nubian guard.
Should be easy! Plus, controlling Nubia will give you a foothold in any wars against the Tulunid Dynasty you shall undertake, and against Abyssinia should you so desire.
I may just desire! The idea of fighting my Sultan leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Well, you just do what you need to do. Like winning the war against Nubia!

That was easy!

I know, right? You have strong armies, you know…

Shut up. I’m releasing Ablarion from my dungeon.

Uh… why? This seems like a bad idea.

Well I’m stripping the Sheikdom of Gizeh from him first.

That doesn’t really answer my question…

You are thoroughly annoying, you know that?

Fine, I’ll stop asking questions.


Oh, by the way:


I’d hate to say I told you so,…

No you wouldn’t.

You’re right, I love it. I told you so. To make matters worse, Queen Falasha of Abyssinia wants Nubia, and has fabricated a claim to get it.


This may be problematic.


Raise the levies?

Raise the levies! We’ll strike the first blow.


The early war goes well for the people of Alexandria, marching south along the banks of the Nile, heading for Abyssinia. There is no resistance at the border, and the Alexandrian army makes quick progress.


Abyssinian forces muster in the south, but they are not numerous enough to mount an assault on Koriaur’s army. At home, the Tulunids are facing a few issues. The war against Byzantium has faltered and ground to a halt, while a peasants revolt brings the economy to its knees – without farmers and craftsmen, the armies cannot be resupplied. The peasants have shown no interest in disrupting Alexandrian lands, so they are safely ignored.

Oh, by the way. Kor?


You have a claim you can press on Tobruk. I managed to whip up a convincing forgery.

You did WHAT?

Don’t worry about it! Just press the claim while you still can!

*sigh* Okay

Oh, and Ablarion is still being annoying. He joined the Sheikh of Tobruk in this war.

I knew this was a bad idea!

Hey, it was a great idea! Ablarion will be easily crushed, and you can revoke his last title, free of penalty! And on top of that, you’ll have Tobruk!

I don’t even want Tobruk!

Too bad, you’ve got it! Also, your men have captured Ablarion’s son, Yared. You can use him as leverage against Ablarion in the coming months.

All of your children are now of age, and you have another grandson, Ilyas! Your family is doing quite well for itself Kor!

I’m a badass old man!

Wait, that makes me wonder; just how old are you?

Holy shit, you’re 74!?


We started this when you were 34 years old! You’ve outlasted five wives, two Caliph’s, and now one Egyptian Sultan! Ahmad is dead, struck down by smallpox in his 70th year.


His son, Shaybad, has taken the title of Sultan of Egypt and continued the line of the Tulunids. Shaybad is not promising. There is nothing remarkable about him.

Well, there is one thing. He wants to marry your daughter.


Uh… Sure! Why not?

Because you’re going to go to war with him? That would be a good reason.

I will not be doing such a thing!

Blech, still on about that honour thing, are you? At least Yahya is turning out a bit more ambitious than you!

Have you been talking to my son again?

I don’t think so.

Come on, you can trust me! I’m trustworthy! You even said so yourself once!

I’ll take your angry glare as a good sign.

Anyway, your forces have destroyed Ablarion and the armies of Tobruk. The war is won.

Something fishy is going on in Egypt, though… An assassin has killed Shaybad, then his first son, the true heir. This leaves Shaybad’s second and third sons as the rightful rulers. You missed your chance, buddy. All hell has broken loose.





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