Dar al-Islam, Part Eight: Passing the Mantle

16 Aug

Farewell, buddy. I miss you already.

Koriaur dies hating his son. Yahya immediately moves the Kalmen court out of Alexandria and into Makuria. Both Milad and Nassib grumble and complain, wanting rule of the Kalmen dynasty to themselves. A brief conflict arises among the Tulunids, as Prince Kemaladdin pushes for the throne. I suppose I ought to start haunting Yahya instead…


I do not have time right now, spirit!

I’m sorry?

My insane half-brother Milad is marching out of Tobruk. Nassib has joined him. I must crush them.


Isn’t your seventh grandfather also his seventh grandfather? Whatever. Isn’t this just dandy? The body of your father is hardly cold and already the family is squabbling over the scraps of his Emirate.

I will be King of Nubia, one day. A petulant half-brother of mine will not get in my way.

2013-08-12_00018 2013-08-12_00019

That was fast!

I am not fucking around.


Clearly! What are you going to do with his land?

He is a traitor and deserves none of it. I will give it to my own family.

Speaking of family, let’s take a look at yours!


As you can see, you have quite a few sisters. Both your remaining brothers are ‘imprisoned’, but the game only displays it like that because they died in your dungeons. Both Nassid and Milad have been executed on your orders.

You also have a great many children. Let’s look your heir, Sheikh Nuraddin.


Nuraddin is a Mastermind Theologian and has some children of his own. His siblings are your children. Otherwise, he is nothing special.

However, lets take another look at you, Yahya. What’s your Ambition?


Well that’s cool, I guess. But there is one small snag in this plan. Namely, the creation requirements for the Kingdom of Nubia.


Are you planning to convert?

What I do is not subject to your review.

Like, um… declaring war on Sultan Murshid?



Uhm… Why?

He insulted me. He insulted my son. And he tried to retract my vassal. I will not be interfered with.

That’s a risky move, Yayha! But exactly the sort of thing I like to see. Good work,yo!


I’m not a fool. I know the risks. I cannot win against the Sultan’s armies, but I can call in Abbasidian allies. My wife is the daughter of the Abbasid Caliph. They will fight in the north while I muster in the south. In Nubia.

Good thinking! Sultan Murshid won’t last long against-

You talk too much.


Damn you’re fast! Murshid is forced to abdicate in favour of his young son Latif, who wants to make you Grand Vizier of Egypt!

… Cool.

However, not everything is going so well. Your sons, who are now Sheikhs and Emirs of Alexandria, are all fighting one another over your fathers former direct holdings.

Competition makes them strong.

So just let them fight?


Well… okay then. I suppose more children would only add to the fracas, wouldn’t it?


Sadiya, your second wife, just had a child. This brings your total up to ten, and you’re only forty years old! You certainly get around, don’t you?

What are you saying?

Uh, nothing Yahya. Just that you have a lot of children. One of whom is married to a woman that wants to kill you.



Especially because Samira is married to Nuraddin, your first son and heir. You may want to tread lightly, Yahya. If he gets upset, he might rebel, and then you’ve got troubles!


I’m not sure what I’ll do with her yet. We’ll see how I feel later.

Please don’t execute her! That would be bad.

Know what’s not bad? More children! Your first wife, Thuriya, has given you a daughter, Nura.




Egypt is at war. The Mezwarid Sultanate is pretty far west, meaning Sultan Latif Tulunid will be marching very far away. I see you’ve gained a claim on Cyrenaica, so let’s go ahead and use that. We can take advantage of the war to gain some land of our own. The Salamid Dynasty controls Cyrenaica, but they are vastly outnumbered by our own armies.

And once again, Yahya commands a swift and total destruction of his enemies. Cyrenaica belongs to the Kalmen family now. Bitchin’ work, Yahya!

Thank you.

Meanwhile, the Mezwarids, through crafty marriage, have gained a bit of Umayyad land. The Tulunid war in the west is going poorly. Perhaps you have the opportunity to take some more neighbourly land?


Taking a slice of the rich Egyptian centre will be a huge boon to Kalmen power. The Biktorids currently own the most populous provinces of Egypt, but you own far more land. You’re about even in numbers. Note that the troops of the Alexandrian Emirate are not green, but blue. You gave Alexandria to Nuraddin, and he has formed his own branch of the Kalmen dynasty. He remains your heir, however.

Excellent. And he has the good sense to join his father in his wars.

I seem to recall you and your father taking opposite sides in the Clusterfuckian War of Succession.

Yet in the end, I came out on top by deposing Murshid. I like Latif much more! He is so easily manipulated.

He’s a child!

That’s what I said.

NEXT TIME: Invading central Egypt

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