Dar al-Islam, Part Nine: Rise and Fall

20 Aug
You know, I really liked your father, but you’re pretty awesome, Yahya. You’ve got gusto!
Those forty-five hundred men in the north east are not Biktorid troops, but a peasant revolt stirred, in part, by your covert dealings. Though hostile to you, they are also hostile to the Biktorids and Tulunids, giving you a diversion and time to draw this war for Aswan to a close. In your favour of course.
Of course!

Captain Dionisii of the Bulgarian Band mercenaries, has been captured in battle, dealing a huge blow to the Biktorid military effort against you. Their army retreats into Fuktat, and the war is all but over. The Siege of Aswan ends and you control the province.


What else can I take for the Sultanate?

Uh… There’s a province in the Nile Delta.

Which province?


Let’s take that.

Uh… there is still a peasants revolt going on. They have two thousand men left after facing off against Biktorid troops, and they are laying siege to Fustat. Which is the home of the Tulunid Dynasty.

I’m going to let that play out. I don’t mind if the Tulunids fall apart.

Of course not. So, war with the Bilbaysid Emirate! Meanwhile, the war in the west has finally ended with Tulunid victory. Latif, now no longer a child but come of age, returns at the head of ten thousand men, heading straight for the peasant army surrounding Fustat.

So long as he refrains from meddling in my affairs, I will let him rule Egypt.

That’s rather audacious a thing to say!

I know. That’s why I said it.

I like you more and more as time goes by.

That’s all I ever wanted in life. The approval of a voice in my head.

Is that sarcasm.

Of course not.

I don’t believe you.

When have I ever displayed a sense of humour?

Nope. Still don’t believe you. You’re yanking my chain!

And you’re observant! You can learn and everything.

Rude! Funny, but rude.


That’s okay! We can take ’em!

We may need some mercenaries. And after all these wars, we are running low on funds.

Dude, you’ve been doing so well so far! You’ll find a way!

Right? We have enough cash for about two thousand mercenaries. It’s keeping them paid and upkept that might pose an issue. In the meantime, the Bilbaysid and Biktorid troops have taken care of that pesky peasant revolt. You know, since it’s right there anyway…


We’ll catch them as they remain exhausted and injured from the battle in Fustat. We have nearly as many troops as the Tulunids, though they don’t need mercenaries to reach an army of ten thousand. While I like the aggression in you Yahya, promise me you’ll take it easy after this. We need to relax, recuperate.

No promises.

I hope you know what you’re doing.

Of course I do


It took a bit of manoeuvring, but I drew the enemy force into battle and crushed them. Simple.

Simple. Yeah. That’s the word.

The Caliph of Arabia has died, and a new Caliph takes the helm of the Abbasid Dynasty; Caliph Ramadan. Ramadan has lost his grip on his decadent family, resulting in a situation very much like the Clusterfuckian War of Succession in Egypt; he has three brothers, all claiming the Caliphate. Meanwhile, in the far east of the Abbasid Empire, Persian lords seek independence and have split off.

In the south, in former Abyssinia, a dozen petty Ethiopian leaders have secured their own independence. This has caused a bit of trouble in your southern provinces, particularly Nubia and Atbara.


I’ll deal with them in a second.


Done. Next?

Well, with Abyssinia fractured and already at war with the beleaguered Abbasids, we could probably carve more Kalmen land out of our southern neighbours. Though you have some domestic issues to take care of as well.


Where is the Court Imam, anyway?

Converting Miaphysites in Atbara.

Hmm… Well, leave him be then. I’m not afraid of a heretics revolt.

Of course. Anyway, it is time to invade Axum and –

I’ve already won that war. What’s next?

Uh… We could keep going south?


Sultan Latif has called a tournament to bring together all the people of Egypt. Nuraddin has earned third place! While there, Latif spotted your daughter, Zara bint Yahya.


Isn’t that nice?

Sorry, what? I wasn’t paying attention.


You know what? I’m not even surprised anymore. You’re very good at killing people, aren’t you?

It’s a skill!

Uh… Yahya?



What is it?


WHAT!? Spit it out!

The Abbasids want Abyssinia back.


What are we going to do?

Hold the line! Never give up, never surrender!

Well, we are definitely losing this one. Sorry dude. Even after Sultan Latif joined in, we are outnumbered ridiculous-to-one.


Hey, you can’t win ’em all, right?

NEXT TIME: Winning it all!

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