Oh Spam, You so Wacky! (Plus a Heads-Up on Delays)

05 Sep

The latest in spam comments:

Our own second strategy that Nike applies is certainly the designing relating to product destination.

Hall, Kenny Tran and so Jay-Z to details a few. It was
first believed that Nike was promoting their own personal shoes too forcefully.
A single clear, resealable bedroom should be fastened to the shoes.

A link then followed, but I won’t paste it here.


I… Bedroom on my shoes? That would be cool I guess. Heavy, but cool. Also resealable, for extra buzzword enjoyment!

Now that I’ve had fun at the expense of broken English, an announcement: Due to professional strictures (I’m writing a novel and it’s almost done), I’ll be down to every three days on my Dar al-Islam series. I don’t know if anyone even noticed it was every two days, but if you did, psyche! It’s every three days. This might last two weeks so I can get ahead on the game, have a backlog of parts to post so that I can focus on my novel – because between a full time minimum wage job, novel writing, assembling models and playing Warmachine and Warhammer 40K, friends, family, music and playing other games, my schedule is one big brick of no free time.

I’m not getting burnt out, don’t worry, I’m just shuffling stuff around to make some time for other, more important stuff. We should be back to a normal every-two-days schedule shortly. Dar al-Islam Part Nineteen will be up Saturday morning (instead of Friday) and it’s every three days after that.


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