Dar al-Islam, Part Nineteen: Upset

07 Sep
Now that we have a safely unified Kalmen Sultanate to once again rule over, what’s next?
We need to give our armies a short break!

I agree. They are tired, and you are wounded.

Once again, the Caliphate has changed dynasties. Where there was once the Abbasids, then the Samanids ruled, now the Halilids have taken the throne in Damascus. Here they are at war…


With the Ha’ilids. Halilid vs. Ha’ilid. That won’t be confusing at all.

A few years pass. Nothing of note happens, except that the Halilid Caliph calls us into his wars. We join to avoid a prestige hit (not that we need to worry about prestige)


Fourteen thousand prestige!

Another event of note:


Well, Hakam II (HAKAM HARDER). You have some vassals to assuage, since they are all but guaranteed to revolt. Your brother Zaia, Prince of Africa, seeks to remove himself from the Kalmen Emirate and form his own

I think the best course of action would be to  raise our armies and place them in his counties, then arrest him. If he escapes and revolts, our armies are already in position to crush him.

That is… disturbingly well thought out.

I am a hunchbacked genius with Elusive Shadow. All I have, all I am, is thinking.


Unnecessary precautions, in the end.

That’s not all you have to deal with, though.




Some random Nordic hero wants Sicily?

Seems that way.

And one of my lords wants the entire Sultanate?

Seems that way!

Assassinate them both!


Zing! Now what about that other guy…

He escaped.

Balls to that. I’m going to find that man and kill him!



Now that is just annoying! I’d better go kill them.



Okay, now your breaking the fourth wall to post pictures from the internet. Stop it.

Make me! Come at me bro!


Umad? Yeah, u mad.

*grumble grumble grumble* You have another rebellion to worry about. Your half-brother Danyal, wants Sicily.


Jeez, everyone wants Sicily these days! I don’t get it. What’s so special about Sicily?

I have no idea. But your already *on* Sicily, having just beaten back a Scandinavian raid and put down a simultaneous minor rebellion. So just wait for him to show up and then kick his ass.


Yeah, exactly like that! Good job! However, Danyal has landed a second, larger army in western Crete.


I suppose I’ll go kill him there, too.

Good plan. Except…


But, but… But I had twenty thousand men! Where did they all go!?

They got killed. Danyal now has the upper hand in terms of men, but there are men who remain on the mainland. They could put up a decent fight against Danyal, should you muster them. There is also the Kalmen mainstay; mercenaries!

Another battle breaks out on Crete, as Danyal hunts down the last remaining pieces of our army there.


Look at that badass Imam just standing there like it ain’t no thang! Promote him.

He’s already your Court Imam. So no.

Fine. Hire some mercs to deal with Danyal.

Done. While they make landfall on Crete, more Vikings pillage parts of Sicily. Also:



Forever alone, I guess.

You shut your whore mouth! I have four wives, I’ll have you know! How many do you have?

… Shut up. The Halilids have lost the throne of the Caliphate, and it’s gone to the Samarids. Again. However, there is good news:




Stop that!

Right. Well. Here’s how the war for independence is doing:


They’ve successfully lain siege to a number of our castles and cities, and have defeated what small forces we could muster in the area. With the main army in Crete, they’ve had the run of good luck against our smaller armies. However, the fleet has been dispatched to ferry the men from Crete to Tunis, and from there launch a counter-attack.


NEXT TIME: More War!

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