Dar al-Islam, Part Twenty-Six: Pressing That Button!

28 Sep
Ha ha! Loser can’t even call himself Emperor any more!


And hey, you now have a pretty cool event available! You can claim Constantinople!




Roman Caliph? I like the sound of that!


As do I! And congratulations, you are now automatically the Sheikh of Constantinople, in addition to any other titles you may have held.


Should I move my capital to Constantinople?


Well, the city has an ancient and grand tradition. On the other hand, Alexandria has been the capital of the Kalmen dynasty for 250 years, except for a few short years under Yahya I, son of the great Koraiur I, founder of the Kalmen dynasty. Yahya ruled from Makuria for one short generation before the capital was moved back to Alexandria upon his death.


I’ll stick with Alexandria.


Coolio. But there’s one strange thing…


Uh oh, what is it?


Did you convert to Orthodox Christianity while I wasn’t looking?


I don’t think so.


Are you sure?



I think I’d remember something like that.


I only ask because, well…





I’m Sunni Muslim, I swear!




Huh. I guess we found a bug. That event really needs to check the religion of the ruler in addition to the title held. Or make the Byzantine Empire title Orthodox only.


Speaking of the Byzantine Empire, they aren’t even Italy any more.






Lotharingia. Which would normally exist north of the Alps.


Your Greatness has even been recognized far beyond the (admittedly large) borders of your Sunni Caliphate! Powerful and learned men come to join your court.





Well I am pretty awesome!


That you are, Aksil!


Okay, we seriously need to finish securing Arabia and Mesopotamia so we can return to our main goal of taking Iberia.


How am I going to do that?


Easy! The biggest trouble you have on your eastern border is that damned Sh’ia Caliphate, the hateful Itijid. They control much of Mesopotamia. Declare an invasion and take it from them! This will be a huge blow to their power, weakening them in future confrontations, but it will also tidy up your borders and give you the land that belongs to you.


Let’s do it!


I bet we’ll have Anatolians clamouring for independence as soon as we do…




This is going to be a tough one, I think!


Damn right! But so very worth it.


If you say so.


I do. Let’s get it done!



Four months into the war, and there is no sign of Itijid troops anywhere. OUr forces have mustered and march into Sh’ia lands with impunity.





Then, nearly a year into the invasion of Mesopotamia, the first combined army of the Itijid is spotted:







My thoughts exactly! What happened to the Itijids? I haven’t noticed any wars that would have weakened them. I have no idea where all their troops are. But it doesn’t really matter. Before that battle is even over, we’ve won.





Immediately following their hilarious defeat, the Itijid Caliphate collapse into warring factions. If ever it needed to be done, it would be now.





Because that was disgustingly easy!







Pfah! I do not fear Catholic horsemen! There wouldn’t be any pilgrims to Jerusalem if I didn’t allow it anyway, so what do I care?


NEXT TIME: Back on Track!

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