Dar al-Islam, Part Twenty-Nine: The War for Rome

07 Oct
Hey Aksil, how’s that invasion of Rome going? Have we taken the seat of Catholic law yet?

Still sick, eh? That’s a shame.

Grump grump grump

Poor Aksil.


The Papacy mustered a levy just in time for the retinue of ours to attack it. Then the Knights Hospitaller muster just north of the city.


But that is of no matter to us. The City of Rome is ours!


We still have six more holdings in the province before we can say we ‘own’ Rome, but we’re damn close!

Susa, a small Duchy just north of our Italian holdings, has joined on the side of the Papacy (duh). Is this just the beginning? Will Susa’s support snowball into the destruction of the Caliphate?


Probably not, considering…


Yeah, I can’t even claim this one as another ‘skin of my teeth’ thing. No one else wanted to help Rome defend its walls against the Muslim horde. No one cares about the Pope.


Alexandria has served us well for centuries, but Rome will provide a far more central location for us to expand our growing Mediterranean empire. This does have one major downside though; the tech level in Rome sucks compared to the mighty technological marvels in Alexandria. We’re back a few levels of tech on everything. Which sucks, but with our genius councillors we can rocket ahead once again!


Hey, that’s slightly more like a word!

I am feeling… slightly better.

After being stressed and ill for a year, it’s good to see you back on your feet!

Indeed. So. Am I Roman Emperor yet?

Not yet. There are two things you need:


You need the Duchy of Croatia from the Lotharingians, and the Emirate of Sicily, which you recently gave away to your son.

So I should ask for it back?

He won’t like that, and neither will the rest of your vassals. But you could do that. Or you can die, let him inherit everything, and he’ll have the necessary parts (except Croatia, which you can take now, no problemo).

Yeah, let’s do that.

Well… we have a truce with the Lotharingians for another eight years. I kinda stole Venice from them, so we need to wait for that truce to end before we can take Croatia from them.



But I’m not Orthodox!

I don’t think the game is checking for that. It only cares if you’re the Byzantine Emperor, which you are. This would make sense if I had edited the Mending of the Schism decision, but I haven’t! It’s not on the list of decisions you can make, but these events keep popping up anyway!


I know!

While we wait for the truce with Lotharingia to expire, we can invade a few other places. Burgundy would be a good choice – a lot of good land across the Alps, in southern France and modern-day Switzerland.


Or we could go further into Iberia, taking land from Gascogne.

Wasn’t that the plan all along?

Yeah, I guess it was. Why would I want land in France? I feel like I’m conquering stuff for the sake of conquering stuff, just to have something to do. So let’s take Iberia; declare the Invasion of Andalusia!


A naval invasion of Valencia is the last thing they expect, I’m sure. Yet here we go!


The war progresses with stupefying ease. They [robably didn’t expect us to march along the coast and come at them from the North, from Italy. But we did.


And just like that, Andalusia is ours, and our hold on southern Iberia is almost total.


NEXT TIME: This is Getting Boring


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2 responses to “Dar al-Islam, Part Twenty-Nine: The War for Rome

  1. Tho cyst

    October 7, 2013 at 10:28 PM

    I’ve been reading this and it’s awesome! Are you planning on fracturing the realm to keep things interesting in EU4?

    • snarkangel

      October 8, 2013 at 4:27 PM

      A little bit, yeah. I release a few pieces in the next part, and then it’s on to EU IV. Sadly, there have been some issues with my EU IV game, and I had to do a clean reinstall. So there’s going to be a break between the two sets while I start over.


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