Snarkangel Plays (The Index Page)

Smells Like Dwarf Fortress

My very first Let’s Play. Somewhat short, but full of sanity-snapping !!FUN!!

Part One: Strike the Earth!

Part Two: Heat Wave. Haha Just Kidding, I Hope You Like Blizzards

Part Three: Winter is Coming

Part four: Mr. Jefferson, Build up That Wall!

Part Five: Out of the Ass-Pit, Into the Blizzard

Part Six: Oh Shit!

Part Seven: Zaskidet Under Siege(ish)

Part Eight: Sanity on Hiatus

Part Nine: Tantrum Lull; or, the Quiet Before the Storm

Part Ten: the Fall of Zaskidet

Three Hurrah’s for Germany!

A Victoria II Let’s Play. The goal; unify Germany under the Prussian banner.

Part One: The Plan

Part Two: Jacobin, Jacobin, Jacobin

Part Three: The First Hurrah!

Part Four: Three Hurrah’s Indeed. Maybe even a Huzzah!

Part Five: Germany, Total and Whole

Part Six: Germany, Defender of Freedom and Liberty!

Part Seven: The Closing Decades

The Iron Throne

Crusader Kings II with the Game of Thrones mod. Short, and full of ridicadonculous non-canon. SPOILER: Joffrey wins. He just wins the Game of Thrones.

Part One: This Can Only End Well

Part Two: Wedding, Murder, Intrigue

Part Three: Canon? What’s That?

Part Four: Fabric of War

Part Five: Alls Fair in Love and War

Dar al-Islam

Playing as a Muslim Emir, I intend to take my dynasty all the way through Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods (867) all the way to the end of Europa Universalis IV (1820). Nearly a thousand years of history in one Let’s Play!

Part One: The House of Islam

Part Two: Bigamy Boogaloo

Part Three: MORE WIVES

Part Four: The Family Tree

Part Five: Politics is Hard

Part Six:The Alexandrian-Abyssinian War

Part Seven: Sorting Out This Mess

Part Eight: Passing the Mantle

Part Nine: Rise and Fall

Part Ten: Not Winning

Part Eleven: This is Winning

Part Twelve: My Cup Overfloweth (and by Cup I Mean Dungeon)

Part Thirteen: The Dynasty Marches On…

Part Fourteen: … And On And On

Part Fifteen: Throne of the Sultan

Part Sixteen: The Kalmen-Tulunid War

Part Seventeen: Shoop da Woop!

Part Eighteen: Manflight

Part Nineteen: Upset

Part Twenty: A Grinding Halt

Part Twenty-One: Bodies for the Meat Grinder

Part Twenty-Two: The Anticlimactic Caliphate

Part Twenty-Three: Arabs Unite!

Part Twenty-Four: More Unity

Part Twenty-Five: Cleaning Up Arabia

Part Twenty-Six: Pressing That Button

Part Twenty-Seven: Go West, Young Man! (Also a Second Crusade)

Part Twenty-Eight: A Change of Plans

Part Twenty-Nine: The War for Rome

Part Thirty: The Line of Kalmen says Goodbye to Crusader Kings II




The Age of Islam

The previous Crusader Kings II game, carried over into Europa Universalis IV. Due to technical errors, the save file was corrupted and the game did not make it any further.


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