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Who Has Two Thumbs And A Birthday Today?

Millions of people. But among those millions is me!
Yes, I am now twenty-five years old. A quarter-century of life has passed me by. What have I accomplished, really?
Well, nothing worthwhile yet! But I’ve made good headway into life. Between the Canadian Military Reserve paying part of my tuition and my parents paying another part I’ve got no student debts. My career choices of music, theatre and writing are not going to make me much money, but at least it’s all my money!
Too bad I have some expensive hobbies.
Yes, most of my time is filled with creative work. Fulfilling, emotionally and intellectually. But it does not fill my wallet.
Thanks, Crusader Kings Forumites, for taking me up from 30 views a day to 300. Feels good bro, even if the comments sections remain perfectly devoid of conversation.
Here’s hoping I’m only a quarter of the way through my life. Some say the first person to live past 150 has already been born. Wouldn’t that be fuckin’ awesome?

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